The charming witch of the Brothers Grimm

What amazing dress is ? I loved it so much, maybe the movie was not that awesome as expected but (yes ok, I’m not a film critic) but really sometimes even in the movies not too much “know” there are details, characters, situations, worthy to be remembered, and this evil female witch costume, no doubt, it is ! 

Is the Monica Bellucci as The Thuringian Queen in Terry Gilliam’s “The Brothers Grimm” is a 2005 adventure fantasy film, stars Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Peter Stormare, Jonathan Pryce and Lena Headey (yes Lena..a young and not too bad Cersei Lannister!)
The costumes in “The Brothers Grimm” are designed by the great Gabriella Pescucci.


This beautiful set in the picture has been designed for give a quotes for all who interested to this costume set, mine proposal is composed by the followingpieces,  LONG RED DRESS “Pannè” Red Velvet, best quality White Organza for neck and and details on sleeves, with bead embroidery, applied beads, golden glass bead and trimm, red crystals, laces ribbon, the HEADPIECE complete with CROWN on the top, in golden organza on structured cage, applied beads and red crystals and FILGREE & CORD BELTS, for complete costume.


If you consider to made this costume take a look on my Etsy shop, at The TURINGIAN QUEEN QUOTES, there is a quote for the  pieces set, but prepare yourself psychologically, look carefully the details, materials, fabrics, it is expensive!

Cosplay Corner: Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed

Un lavoro piuttosto complesso che ha visto impegnati diversi artigiani su più fronti, un sacco di tessuti e materiali, dettagli, particolari, nell’insieme un attimo risultato !

Cosplay di Francesca Perini
si ringrazia per gli accessori in metallo Sonia Curti – Arte Nascosta

Bastone e pistola: Federico Monfalcon

Bracciale: Riccardo Impronta

Some embroidered new cloak on the shop !

Nuovi mantelli ricamati nello shop Etsy ! Sono pezzi unici, preziosi e particolari ! Ecco il link allo shop !


E anche qualche immagine per invogliarvi ovviamente ….(Halloween e Natale sono dietro l’angolo eh! )

Something from…Dragon’s !

Tht’s a new project actually in proto-phase, but..some preview is here and you have the opportunity to reserve it!

This is a Daenerys Targaryen White “dragon scales” dress  from the “Games of Thrones” tv series, season 5

Dress fabric will be 100% PURE SILK best Italian Quality fabric in Ivory White
and for the undergown (pleated) skirt in cotton/acrylic.

Dragon scales are embroided BY HAND one by one (ouf!!) from me, this means that this this dress take lot of patience and time !

It ‘s my pleasure also to give your attention on the Copper clasp is made by Milena Peroni from Violanima, a great woman and italian artisan that you can found on Etsy on here shop:

If you are interested to order or ask from some information about, here is the link to my Etsy shop, where you can found listing and price!


Thank’s for read! ^_^

The Padme’s Throne Room headpiece

This work is … is an hard work ! The headpiece from Star Wars Padmè Amidala – Throne Room outfit, is an amazing piece!

Of course, like saw on other case like this, is impossible to replicate EXATLY what you see in the movies, materials available are this, this is the best i can do for the moment !

The headpiece was requested by an american lady very entusiast ! Hair are, of course, fake but really like real, materials are different: worbla, fabric, paper, polyester stone, hairspray, glue, polymer clay and a lot of patience with.

Have a nice check on the pictures!

This is the original (just for remember)

throneroom10And there….start my version!

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My Kylo Ren replica !

First ! is quiet impossible to made a good replica of this costume set, this carachter is very clear, black, fascinating…and of course UNKNOW !

The VII Star Wars movie is coming in December, that’s mean check around the net and search pictures (rare) but..not easy in fact: because is a very simple style (Hood, Tunic, Undertunic with pleated sleeves) but everything is found the EXACT fabric!

Or..quiet similar.. This is a pictures about my work, details, fabric.

Please attention: ONLY fabric ! I’m a not a leather artisan, that’s mean: no mask, no belt, and of course no sword..

Hope you like it ! ^_^

francisco garcia 2 francisco garciaSome detalis about WORK IN PROGRESS:

21 4


4Cotton lining inside sleeves and collar!3Patient Handmade Needlework for “destroy” fabric onthe hooded cape !2Sleeves pleated handstitched (not easy find fabric pleated good for this kind of sleeves!!!) 1A details of fabric !

poly2 poly1

A Cloak inspired by the Bolton’s – From Games of Thrones

UNo dei lavori più interessanti di inizio anno è stato questo mantello, una ragazza americana mi ha chiesto di realizzare qualcosa, un mantello nel caso, che fosse rappresentativo di una delle Casate del serial GAMES OF THRONES (in Italia distribuito come Il Trono di Spade).
In realtà questa casata nel teelfilm non ha figure femminili rappresentative tuttavia, dovendo partecipare ad un evento a tema e facendo parte di questa casata ha richiesto questo mantello.
I colori (Rosa carne e rosso sangue) e le decorazioni (cristalli color rosso sangue a goccia) sono rappresentativi dello stemma della casata, che raffigura un uomo scuoiato su un fondo rosa, cosparso di goccie di sangue rosso scuro.

Il mantello è stato sviluppato su una struttura a ruota intera, per un totale di 12 metri complessivi di tessuto, 6 in Satin rosa scuro a riprodurre la pelle, mentre altri 6 in 100% cotone rosso scuro per la fodera interna, che richiama quindi alla muscolatura dell’uomo scuoiato dello stemma.




L’effetto finale, dopo l’applicazione dell’elegante gancio in metallo e dei cristalli è molto scenografico ed effetto !