Ilenia Moreni
Born in Parma (Italy) in 1973 and textile worker since 1993 as a designer and Product Manager for some sportswear brands.
In 1998 some ideas began to take shape as a hobby, some costume set is made for friends who went to costume parties and Venice Carnival, then after a few years my passion for fabrics, history and fantasy became something real:
this is where LEGGENDE SEGRETE begins.
Leggende Segrete is a journey, a passionate studio that turns into a work in which i project, design and make costumes for theater, small productions/fanfilms, cosplay, theme parties, live role-playing games and many other types of shows.



Master of Arts Diploma (Ist. D’Arte P.Toschi Parma) 1990, (graphic arts, logo processing, illustration, coordinated image projects)

High school diploma, specialization in Applied Arts with graphic design (Ist. D’Arte P.Toschi Parma) 1992 (specialization in advertising graphics, packagin, communication graphics)

Fashion Designer diploma (Ist. Marangoni Milano) 1995 (Fashion design, costume history and modeling skills)

Master certificate in Textile Design (Ist. Marangoni Milan) 1995 (design of patterns for fabrics, all-over and placed prints)

Certificate course of the School of Comics (Scuola del Fumetto, Milan) 1996 (personal interest in the structure of comics and illustrations)

Spoken Languages: Italian, French and English.