The Emperor Palpatine

Sheev Palpatine, also known by his name Sith of Darth Sidious or Lord Sidious and after the proclamation of the Galactic Empire, as the Emperor, is a fictional character and main antagonist of the science fiction saga of Star Wars, played by Ian McDiarmid. He appears as the tyrannical Emperor of the Galaxy in the original trilogy and in the Star Wars Rebels series, while as Chancellor of the Republic in the prequel trilogy, in the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars and in the animated series of the same name.


Awsom emetal work for the brooch by Sonia from Arte Nascosta

image2Thank you to Chantal for amazing pictures, SHE is the emperor in the pictures and is awsome!

Inspired by Castlevania

You are a vampire?

Are you as charming as Alucard? do you deserve a costume set worthy of him, with black-on-black embroidered shirts and pants with elegant-shabby details, why the lost souls are strangely always elegant?

Brass elements worked by Milena Peroni of Violanima