Inktense Pencils: a new creative trip !

There is something curious in the thought processes of a creative person, sometimes the inspiration comes by intuition, or because you see something that makes you an idea, or a person inspires you … here, this is one of those occasions when a true idea do not have it but you WANT to have, to be able to use those colors NOW!


But how will they be? What means “INKINTENSE”?


What is the difference from a colored pencil “water-soluble” any of a colored pencil Derwent Inkintense “water-soluble”? HUGE.

We are talking about a vivid color, the shot when the pencil touches the water bursts forth and becomes exactly as the name: INTENSE says.

An old piece of Linen, water, Derwent inktense and paintbush, a subject (oh, my loved catus!) that’s your mind to an in(K)tense world of color !!!