Renaissance Gentlemen !

Maybe someone knows that, especially in the US, they do these (to me wonderful) Renaissance Festival, the name makes you think of our, the Italian Renaissance, this is not, is another thing.

It ‘a wonderful PARTY !!! according to the also been of some importance, with major sponsors, such as the Texas Renaissance Festival, people in awesome costume, wonderful fairies, jesters, a bit of history and a bit of magic, a bit “fair for tourists “and a little “theater” …. in short, funny? YES!

Search photos and video on the net, it seems VERY FUNNY ! So, this is the occasion for me to do something historically not well defined, but very “renaissance festival” as tunics and cloaks a bit ‘festive, suitable for this type of playful and colorful events!

This is a gentleman, in 100% cotton and inserts, beads, with an attached cape also made of cotton (heavier) with a major neck covered with the same silky and quilted fabric of the  the sleeves of the tunic.

You can find it in my Etsy shop, ready to be shipped, but if you want something similar in other colors well, just an email or a message ^ _ ^ Long live the Renaissance!