TUNIC easy way !

Sometimes people ask me about a simple tunic “how to do” so, there is a lot of book, tutorial, pattern on the net that you can found easy and fast, you don’t really need another one but…but why not?

This tunic is made from an old sheet for double bed, a very strong and old cotton that lends itself perfectly for reenactment.

You may cut each pieces as your preference, 2 PANNELS for front and back, (considering your SHOULDER and HIPS, and stay around 3/4 Inches much more largest for each side)

You have also 2 SLEEVES, and 2 pointed TRIANGLES for the sides.

Give a shape on the collar and make EDGES all around after you’re stitch toghether all the parts. If you have some remaining fabric, you may cut a PEREGRINE HOODED CAPE.

Once finish, you can consider to put embellishment, decor,embroided details, stud or others details you need for. Remember, stitch by hands and not with machine is NOT too bad! In the medieval age pilgrim don’t have stitching machines ! ^_^

Many thanks to Giovanni Bosi for materials and cutting.