Something from…Dragon’s !

Tht’s a new project actually in proto-phase, but..some preview is here and you have the opportunity to reserve it!

This is a Daenerys Targaryen White “dragon scales” dress  from the “Games of Thrones” tv series, season 5

Dress fabric will be 100% PURE SILK best Italian Quality fabric in Ivory White
and for the undergown (pleated) skirt in cotton/acrylic.

Dragon scales are embroided BY HAND one by one (ouf!!) from me, this means that this this dress take lot of patience and time !

It ‘s my pleasure also to give your attention on the Copper clasp is made by Milena Peroni from Violanima, a great woman and italian artisan that you can found on Etsy on here shop:

If you are interested to order or ask from some information about, here is the link to my Etsy shop, where you can found listing and price!


Thank’s for read! ^_^