On Lucrezia’s Closet !

With this costume let’s jump in Ancient Rome , we do it every time we watch on TV series such as Spartacus , or older , but always fun , Xena and Hercules … and that elegance !

Tunics modern cut, with embroidered fabrics , iridescent , a little stretch that envelop but not compel , and behold, a costume inspired by the wardrobe of Lucretia , a character in the series ” Spartacus ” starring Lucy Lawless , Xena beloved in the 90s . color sampleMy version is, of course, inspired, not really the same, first because one things is made a dress for a few second in a movie or
series, another case is do it for a real use, for a party, and evening…someone can wear it for few hours, not only for a to play
a character for a short time. 14 The back is made in two system: with a zipper and a “corset” closure: This is good for people with soft curves , you can wear without seams that force the body , obvious that this can be done if the fabric is a little stretch . 25 And that’s is the beaded embroidery, a very big work but i love the affect of wealth and opulence ! Finally the result ! Completed with a stole in Organza and a small bag realize of the same fabric. 3678…and finally all is packed and ready to ship to Angelica, a lovely Lady who asked me this! ^_^ 9