My Kylo Ren replica !

First ! is quiet impossible to made a good replica of this costume set, this carachter is very clear, black, fascinating…and of course UNKNOW !

The VII Star Wars movie is coming in December, that’s mean check around the net and search pictures (rare) but..not easy in fact: because is a very simple style (Hood, Tunic, Undertunic with pleated sleeves) but everything is found the EXACT fabric!

Or..quiet similar.. This is a pictures about my work, details, fabric.

Please attention: ONLY fabric ! I’m a not a leather artisan, that’s mean: no mask, no belt, and of course no sword..

Hope you like it ! ^_^

francisco garcia 2 francisco garciaSome detalis about WORK IN PROGRESS:

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4Cotton lining inside sleeves and collar!3Patient Handmade Needlework for “destroy” fabric onthe hooded cape !2Sleeves pleated handstitched (not easy find fabric pleated good for this kind of sleeves!!!) 1A details of fabric !

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